Free Initial Consultation

Let's meet to discuss our services and a plan to make this process as seamless and as stress free as possible.

We care about our seniors and their families!

Full  Senior Move and  Transition Service

Relocating and Setting Up

We manage the movers and the relocation process. We will come in and set up your new home as you would like to have it.

Senior Real Estate Services 

We are senior real estate specialists who have worked with many seniors and their children to sell their long-term home. 



We pride ourselves in helping every family find a senior community that perfectly fits their needs. Discover Sunnyside Senior Transition Service today to find your perfect home and transition with ease. Call us at 530-816-0007 to schedule your free initial consultation today!

Right-sizing & Liquidating

We help you "right size" your items so you can be comfortable aging in place or moving onto your new home.